MAN IN THE MIRROR (changing your routine)

January 4, 2015

I was listening to this big spiritual teacher of our age and he was talking about his practice to defeat fear in his life. He would take 15 minutes in the morning and speak positive faith filled words to himself. You know, things like, "I don't have the spirit of fear, I refuse for you to reside in me, I operate by faith, I don't have doubt !!! God is telling us this is the way to go according to this dream. Have a listen and change your morning routine.



December 30, 2014

RESISTING TEMPTATION can sometimes be hard, especially if your body is depleted of rest and proper nourishment. The devil knows this so he encourages us to think little about our bodies. Don't let him fool you. The bible suggest that we should be temperate in all things. Our not being temperate comes with a price. Listen up!!


“Do You Know Jesus”

December 27, 2014

After coming home from one sin-filled night I was heart broken. I failed God again. I was struggling with the thought, "has God cast me off?" After pouring out my heart to God that night I retired and He answered my question in a dream. I found out that salvation is based on Who you know, not what you have done. I also learned that when you KNOW Jesus (if that is your focus) He will eventually take care of the "what you do." Have a listen!! 


“The Carrie Dream”

December 22, 2014

God gave me another dream or should I add the word "extreme" dream to make a point about the power of our words. In fact, the way this dream was set up, nothing could help Carrie but her little sister's POSITIVE words. 


“Lock up your dogs, so we can work”

December 22, 2014

I say this at the end of my Faith Talk broadcast. It was inspired by a dream. When the Enemy comes after you, this is a good way to handle him. Listen closely! Following this instruction can save you lots of grief!


“Fountain of Youth”

December 14, 2014

In this dream God shows us how to perform well at any age, even 100. No, it's not in some far off fountain of youth! It's actually in the lifestyle we choose. Learn the TWO keys to staying forever youthful.



December 6, 2014

This dream occurred when I was at my lowest. I was so sick, at one point, I started giving my wife final instructions concerning my departure. God showed me something, however, in the midst of all this. No matter what it looks like or what people are saying around you, you should begin to speak words that reflect life, not death. God works through our faith. Even if He doesn't  heal you by way of an instant miracle, He will begin to show you what to do to get healthy, if you start speaking like you're healthy. So declare this with me: I WILL LIVE AND NOT DIE!!


WAGES OF SIN vs. gift of God

December 5, 2014

Many churches are guilty of overemphasizing sin and it's wages and talk little of the gift of Jesus. We should take note from Paul who came to preach "Christ and Him crucified." This is the only remedy for our sin issue.   



November 25, 2014


This Parable (dream) was a slap in the face to all of us. Imagine what can happen if we took prayer more seriously. This is just a glimpse of what can happen. After listening to this, you should develop a prayer list and go to your closet. I truly believe God was saying, "we underestimate the power of prayer."


November 24, 2014

God wants His people to know that a special EMPOWERMENT will assist the person of FAITH . No, you need not be qualified because it is the YEAR OF STRENGTH. God will make you a GREAT success in what He has given you to do.